Sunday, August 26, 2007

Bless my homeland forever...

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I was hoping to watch "The Von Trapp Family Singers" only to find out that it was already replaced by another show. Sigh. I've been dying to see the re-runs ever since I saw the teaser. I was a little disappointed but I had to keep my composure since I'm already 21...and 21 year-olds do not throw tantrums over a replaced cartoon. Lucky me that "The Sound of Music" was aired that afternoon on Star Movies. It was only then that mum reminded me that I have a VCD of the said classic. Duh.

Anyway, a little FYI: I shouldn't be bothered while watching "The Sound of Music." I was still a kiddo when I first encountered the movie. I remembered having our own betamax version of the film and I'd just be in awe of Julie Andrews. Mick and I were all eyes on the film. Not long after, I started doing ballet and we did our own version of "Do-Re-Mi." I was just five but I danced with much gusto. I had to give justice to one of my favorite musicals.

My appreciation of the said musical went from being in awe to Julie Andrews (and the songs, ofcourse) to being able to understand the issues raised in the film. Here are the lines in the film that I love the most. They transcend from being humorous to being noteworthy (in all aspects, including love, hehe).

Capt. Von Trapp: Fraulein, is it to be at every meal, or merely at dinnertime, that you intend on leading us all through this rare and wonderful new world of... indigestion?

Max: He's got to at least *pretend* to work with these people. You must convince him.
Maria: I can't ask him to be less than he is.

The Baroness: Somewhere out there is a lady who I think will never be a nun. Auf Wiedersehen, darling

Mother Abbess: Maria, these walls were not meant to shut out problems. You have to face them. You have to live the life you were born to live.

Max: I hope you appreciate the sacrifice I'm making.
Captain von Trapp: You have no choice.
Max: I know... That's why I'm making it.

Captain von Trapp: You brought music back into the house. I had forgotten.

Maria: I can't seem to stop singing wherever I am. And what's worse, I can't seem to stop saying things - anything and everything I think and feel.
Mother Abbess: Some people would call that honesty.
Maria: Oh, but it's terrible, Reverend Mother.

Kurt: Only grown-up men are scared of women.

Maria: When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.

Max: The Von Trapp Family Singers. Here are your names: Leisl, Friedrich, Louisa, Brigitta, Kurt, Marta and Gretl.
Gretl: Why am I always last?
Max: Because you are the most important.

Maria: When the Lord closes a door, somewhere He opens a window.

The Baroness: There's nothing more irresistible to a man than a woman who's in love with him.

Marta: I'm Marta, and I'm going to be seven on Tuesday, and I'd like a pink parasol.
Maria: Well. pink's my favorite color, too.

Captain von Trapp: My fellow Austrians, I shall not be seeing you again perhaps for a very long time. I would like to sing for you now... a love song. I know you share this love. I pray that you will never let it die.

I think it was "The Sound of Music" that inspired me to do ballet and made me accept the idea that, hell, I won't be able to sing like Julie Andrews. Until now, I've been wanting and aching to visit Austria and the rest of Europe (since my grandpa didn't include us in his travels, darn). And most of all, during bad days... I simply remember my favorite things...and then I won't feel so bad. Sweet.

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I Turned Write, Too

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(Inspired by Meg's blog "Yes, I turned write" which you'll find here: )

I knew I was going to be a DevJourn major as soon as I entered my first year in college.

I knew it all along. I felt it in me. I have it in me. But then I held back (for a while). We tend to hold back- out of fear (of profs, assignments, and writing itself). It's like an itch that needs scratching. That's why I let go of my fears and turned write.

Much as I wanted to send Candy my pictures at work and how devjourn helped me in my present career, I was still in Palawan back then and internet was not available. Too bad! But I was very happy that there's a movement going on which encourages students to TURN WRITE. True, we were always behind in quantity- but NEVER in QUALITY.

Yes, being a DevJourn major served as my edge that's why I bagged my current work (with the help of Sir Grande, ofcourse). Journ honed my skills and made them as though they were parts of me (that's why I don't feel pressured whenever I'm asked to do certain tasks). Our mentors also taught us important values and ethics that transcend beyond the four corners of the room. And I'm glad that they're always there to back us up- internship, work, etc.

My best-est friends right now are also my co-majors. We got close during Devc123, yep, LB Times. Intelligent conversations. Coffee breaks. Overnights. Nothing bonds friends better than LB Times (despite all the drama that comes with it). I'm very proud to say that these people are some of the best things that happened to me. And I've already decided to keep them for life.

So what are you waiting for? Let go of your worries and fears. I TURNED WRITE. I'm glad I did. How about you?

The Fun Starts from the Choosing

Taken from my multiply blog ( Written last August 12, 2007)


That's how we all reacted when my 4th grader cousin screamed "Gusto ko yan!" when she saw a popular condom ad.

Surprised by our reactions, she immediately said, "Hindi ba candy yan?"

My mum, my sisters, and I were silent for a while. Mum tried to tell her that she'll explain what a condom is in private (since little Julianna is still around) but being the curious girl that she is, Patty kept begging mum for the answer. For some reasons, she (Patty) turned to me for help. Then came my child psyc background.

"Sige ate, gamitin mo child psyc mo," Mick said.

Fine. Let's put my learnings to the test.

There's no way to go but for the truth. Straight but not too much facts. Explaining it like 4th grade Science instead of making it sound bastos. And telling her that in time, she'll understand things better.

I'm happy that Patty got most of the part. But some...well, I'm sure that time and maturity will be the best teachers.

On the other hand....

I already knew what a condom is/was when I was in 4th grade. Aside from reading a lot, I owe whatever advanced knowledge that I have from my parents. They've always been open but firm. And it worked for me. I love how they'd let me free yet keep me grounded. They've always answered my inquiries and made sure that they've given just enough, you know, things that they believe I can handle at that time. Mum and dad know me a lot. They know the things that'll fit my mind- they know when to go and when to hold back. And when I was a little older, I love how they'd trust me to discover things for myself yet keep me safe and protected. There was never a perfect formula though. I'd get into minor problems but they'll help me take things better. And I'll be forever thankful for their trust.


Hi mum! I miss you dad.

Friday, August 10, 2007

Inside Story: The Palawan (mis)Adventures of Michi Arcangel

(also published in

Inside my cellphone bag was a folded piece of intermediate pad where I wrote my day-to-day (mis)adventures in Puerto P, Brooke's Point, and Bataraza.

This is it. My Palawan story.


July 27, around 1:30 pm
- Ranel and I boarded at Super Ferry "Our Lady of Medjugorje." Our cabin's great. We're in the tourist area.
- Kainis. My charger doesn't work!! Grrrr.


July 28, around 6 am
- The ship docked at Coron. We woke up early to see the island. We didn't get the chance to explore it though. A couple of hours more before we hit Puerto P! Are we getting sea sick? Hope not. We took pictures in this good spot but sorry for was an unauthorized area. We got kicked out! Harhar.

around 9 pm
- We arrived an hour later than the expected time. While waiting for the final dock, I found out that the girl beside us has bone cancer. Sad. We got out of the ship and VOILA! A band was there to welcome us. ;p We thought we'll actually hit the sack at Seaport Inn but we were surprised to see Sir Greg waiting for us. We're bound for Brooke's Point. Around 5 hours away from Puerto. Talk about travel.

*Welcome to Brooke's Point*

around 2 am
- We didn't know how those 5 hours went by. But we're so ready to sleep. Yawn!!!!

July 29, morning
- I'm sure I puzzled the rest of the girls inside the room. A newbie. Hehe. It's funny that some of the on-call staff call me "ma'm."

after lunch
- We transferred to the staffhouse at Bataraza. Before that, we had a rough riding session. Rivers and big stones. Hands down to our driver and to jelica the delica. Hehe. Palawan has a lot of resources. Wow.

before dinner
- Feeling the blues already. Palawan's pretty but something/s about it keep/s me sad. Malaria? Dengue? Filariasis? Or the fact that the place is damn rich but the people are impoverished? There you have 'em.

*Bye, partner*

July 30, 4:30 am
- I woke up early. Dami pala talagang lamok. I freaked.

before 7 am
- Ranel's team left for Rizal. My last words were "Hanggang Thursday lang ha?" Laughs.
- I accidentally cut myself. Ouchie.

7:06 am
- Brownout. How swell. Generators are common in this place.

before 10:30
- Finally finished my first interview- a KII with Kuya Larry, the project head of McArthur in Bataraza. He provided a lot of info. Goodie.

- Newsflah!! Two visitors are expected to arrive later. The barangay kagawad and chieftain of Culandanum. I'm praying that they'll allow me to interview them. Think positive, girly!!

- There's always a time to camwhore. hehe. We spotted good areas in the municipality and before I knew it, Ate Janina, Ate Anne, and I are strutting our stuffs in Bataraza.

*One fine day*

July 31, morning to afternoon
- We finished three barangays in one day. Haggard. I can't believe we did it. A multicab ride across Sandoval, Culandanum, and Ocayan. Seeing the beauty of Palawan despite its rocky road and unstable weather. Braving the areas despite the freaky stories of some locals. They have a lot of urban legends. Grabe. Wang, our guide whose real name is Farhan, kept telling the locals that I am single and that I'll be giving my number. Gago talaga.

*Graham Cakes for the Ladies*

August 1, morning
- We're bound for Brooke's again. The staff of MMI prepared us a special treat. Graham Cakes with Palawan mangoes. I was stunned to see a huge, Palawan mango. Panis ang mangga natin. Hehe. But it's not allowed outside the province because of the black bug- an endemic pest. Tito Dik kept asking if I belong to the Alano's of Zamboanga. I look a lot like them daw. They didn't want us to leave but we're all set for Brooke's.

August 2
- Anxiously waiting for Ranell to come back. It's already Thursday. Oh, I saw a cutie! I saw a cutie! Yeah! Hello energy. ;p

August 3, afternoon
- We camwhored around Brooke's Point. I saw these two sharks sa market. Scary. I had a bloodsmear. I was shocked when the nurse got the needle in! P.I. was all I could say. Binigla ako eh.

- I was taking a bath when Ate Ja told me that Ranell's team was on their way home. Glad to know that my partner's safe. We were out of touch for a couple of days since Rizal has no signal.
- While waiting for them to come, we raided the boys' room. Two of the boys are my batchmates pala- Abel and Milben. Wag ka, Milben (aka Sgt. Maganto because of his new haircut) is a cum laude. We had fun with the boys during the last night. They're uber kulit but very sensible.

*All our bags are packed, we're ready to go*

August 4, super early in the morning (like, 3 am)
- After our breakfast, it was a sweet exchange of hugs with Ate Ja, Ate Rubie, Ate Kristy, and Ate Rachel. Ate Anne's coming home with us. Kuya Ramil and Kuya Leo will be with us in Puerto.

lunch time
- Puerto P's greeeeaaaaattttttt! After our lunch, we hit the city for our retail therapy. Shirts, pearls, and food are on my list. I'm deeply in love with this part. Hehehe. Walking around Puerto's a nice experience, too. Yey!!

- Our kuya's left already. We're back at Seaport Inn where it's comfy and homey. The bed's just right. Can't wait to call it a day.

- Ranell and I wandered around the port area to check out pretty sites. The cams are ready!!! We had dinner outside. Tito Ernie talked about the ups and downs of Palawan. He raised a lot of issues. It's an eye-opening experience.
- We watched NatGeo. They featured the Badger. Galing. Imagine, the animal ate a cobra. The cobra's venom got into him, was recorded to be dead for two hours, came back to life, and ate the rest of the cobra. Tough one.
- We're calling it a night. Tomorrow's going to be another journey. But it's good to know that we're going home. Sweet.

We got home safe and sound. Palawan taught me a lot of things about myself and what I believe in. It's an altogether different issue and it needs a separate page. I'm happy that despite being subjected into a place that's really not my comfort zone, I found appreciation and fulfillment in random things. Multicab rides (my first time), sunsets, clean air, and lush surroundings. No internet connection, no cable, no credit cards. I was really grateful that I met people like Ate Janina who will remain dear to my heart even after this project.

All's well,

Missy (My Palawan name. Remember Wang? He couldn't pronounce MICHI, laging MISSY)

Sunday, July 22, 2007

The Thinking Chair

How do I describe the past week?

Let's start with work. Work's fine. It was not too hectic. In fact, there were lots of room for breathing. However, I was pretty much consumed by an unsuspected headache. It was really bad and I just realized that it left me really wasted during the whole week. I felt better after a good night's rest but my headache had an aftershock. Not another one though. It's like a post-headache thing- a headache hangover- something that left me really tired for the rest of the week.
I didn't get to do much. Didn't stay online for long, didn't glued myself to the tube, didn't even sleep that much. I'm just lucky that the week's almost over.

Then came Saturday.

It was a nearly good start for my favorite day. But the scorching weather left me paralyzed. Yesterday's heat was like a stalker- it followed us everywhere. My Saturday, in the words of Paris Hilton, was HOT.

Starting the week today. Sunday.

No, I didn't get my "sweet sleep." I had to wake up early for my civil service exam. I arrived just in time, sashaying my way to room 052. But as soon as I walked inside the classroom...oh hell! The room was for heat-lovin' masochists. And if it wasn't enough, the dude behind me was trying to impress everyone by imitating an American accent everytime he'll inquire something. But it really sounded bad...awful for that matter! Grrrrr.

It was hot, I was hungry, and the school bathroom was really bad. And to top it all of, while we were eating at Jollibee, a freaky man sat beside us asking for money. He was frightening. You could actually see anger on his face. His aura was bad...heavy...dark! We were quite pissed because the place had no security guard that time. Don't you think that establishments should always ensure the safety and comfort of the consumers?

My week wasn't that bad. It just wasn't my kind of week. On the brighter side of things, well...I know that I'm still lucky for a lot of reasons. I'm just having those days. You know, those days when I'm not really sure whether it's me or the world. Whether the world's putting so much on my shoulder or it's me who's just so sensitive with the way certain things are (maybe because of PMS). But life's still great. I think it's because I've really come to believe that everything happens for a reason- that God puts us in a position that allows Him to manifest his love and message for us.


Tuesday, July 17, 2007

My P&P Fixation

After viewing, I was definitely addicted to making my own webpage, improving my multiply site, and joining random blogs (like livejournal and xanga). The thrill was taking over me. It was pretty much overwhelming.

I am not the person you can count on in terms of these things. Let's just say that I can figure my way in e-land...but I won't be the one to finish with a flying color. I am not an expert (for now, I suppose). Looking at some wonderfully created blogs and sites has actually made me feel insecure. On the other hand, I feel very much challenged to learn about the tips and tricks when it comes to layout, design, and all the other hoolabaloos in between.

My mum enrolled me in a computer class when I was eight. My classmates were older kids- fifth and sixth graders. And though I can't understand half of what the teacher was talking about, I was able to manage my assignments and even get an award during the closing ceremonies. However, I grew up loving the idea of having papers and pens. No matter how overwhelming computer programs were/are, there's still a certain pleasure that only papers and pens could give me.

My P&P fixation is incurable. There's a delight in a room full of papers and pens. I was in second grade when I got my first diary. I kept writing until there was no single page left. And then I'd wish that people will give me notebooks, papers, or diaries for my birthday. It was my guilty pleasure.

When I reached high school and the idea of a diary was a little cheesy, I started my own written version of a blog. It was called "The Mailbox." The idea was for me and my friends to air out our sentiments and share the rambles going on in our heads. When one writes something, someone else would comment. It was much like the present day blog, only it was written. I guess that's why I kind of started late in e-land. Aside from the fact that I was very much consumed by my studies, I think I was just too in love with papers and pens.

But I had to keep up since the world is constantly on the move. So here I am, still figuring out how to make my e-life uber great, creative, and fun. I'm under therapy for my P&P fixation but I'm getting a hang of it. After all, we need to save our trees, right? (But recycled papers look great too!!! Ah, well.)